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Submissions & Author Info

Submission Guidelines
  1. PLEASE QUERY BEFORE MAKING ANY SUBMISSIONS, using “Contact Us” link in the "About" heading.

    1. Query should include:

      1. A brief synopsis (one paragraph)

      2. Author background (one paragraph)

      3. If a simultaneous submission (one sentence)

  2. We will respond to your query within 10 days. If you do not hear from us, please query again – the internet is not always reliable and your submission may have been misdirected. 

  3. If we wish to review your work, we will tell you where to send it (an email address).

  4. We respond to all manuscript submissions within 14 days.

  5. Our previously published books show the kinds of fiction and non-fiction we publish. We are open to new concepts and directions, especially topics that “big house” publishers ignore.  We do not publish children’s picture books, erotica, or works that are not in English.

  6. Submissions may be by email or by regular snail mail. 

    1. Email submissions should be by a word-document (.rtf, .doc, or .docx) or a PDF (Adobe or Foxit). Use PDF if you have images embedded in the document.  We may ask for a followup .rtf, .doc, or .dotx for editorial purposes.

    2. Mail submissions MUST be on “media”, such as a CD or flash drive, and PC-compatible.  PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT PAPER ONLY – we do not have the capability to transcribe hand written or manually typed materials.

    3. If you wish mail submissions returned, include a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) with sufficient postage to assure return to you.  Materials without an SASE will not be returned.

  7. Prepare your submission on standard paper size (8.5x11), with 1” to 1.5” margins. Use Times New Roman 12-pt font.  Double space between lines, no additional space between paragraphs.

  8. Spell check and grammar check before sending.  Number the pages, and include your last name in the header on each page.

  9. Footnotes should be placed at the end of each chapter.

  10. If you include an index, do not page-number index items; you can create your index from the “proof copy” sent to you prior to publication.

  11. Include your name, phone number, email, and mailing address on the front page.

  12. Photos or images MUST be sent separately from your document, even if they are embedded in the text.  We cannot receive images larger than 20MB by email.  Send multiple images totalling over 20MB in separate emails. Very large images can be submitted on a CD.

  13. Cover art is created in-house; we are open to your suggestions.

  Author Information


  1. We are a small publishing house.  Author advance payments against royalties are rare, so don’t count on it.

  2. If we accept your book, we aim for publication within 90 days.

  3. Most works are published as paperback, with e-book following within 60 days.

  4. Authors receive 10 copies of their work at no charge.

  5. Authors may purchase additional copies at 40% of the cover price.

  6. Royalties are usually 12.5% of the cover price for each copy sold. Works sold overseas earn approximately 5% of the cover price.

  7. Royalties are paid quarterly on the previous quarter’s earnings. These are sent by check.

  8. Advertising is primarily online through our website and on Amazon.

  9. We encourage authors to set up their own websites for each book (use free sites from WIX or other services), publicize your success on social media, and contact your local independent bookstores to schedule a book-signing and meet-the-author event.  You can also set up an author page on Amazon.

  10. Auctoritas can provide Press Releases and will send these to your local newspaper or other sites when you provide the e-address or mailing information.

  11. Rights acquired from the author include: first serial rights, resale rights, and film rights.  Each of these rights grants us a small percentage (5%) of your profits should your work be acquired by a larger publisher or film production company.  You will own and retain copyright on your work from the moment of its publication.  Please read your contract thoroughly before signing. 

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