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"Auctoritas can be translated a number of ways. “Authority” to modern ears may sound simply like law enforcement, but the Romans had other words for this: potestas (power through coercion, such as police enforcement) and imperium (power backed by military force). Auctoritas had more of the sense of “moral authority.” As a personal virtue, Auctoritas meant “clout,” “influence,” or even “charisma.”". 

- Rick Loftus, MD

Auctoritas is a small publisher, located in the rolling Ozark Mountains of the American heartland.  We publish both fiction and non-fiction, with an emphasis on works with enduring significance and those that teach important principles.  We haven't yet published poetry, and we do not publish children's books. 


Authors, please see our submission guidelines, linked above. 


Readers, do check out some of our recently published works, also linked above. 

We here are readers as well as editors and publishers.  We want to read fiction that stays with us, that makes us think, that begs to be re-read.  We love a good story and realistic characters in believable settings -- leave the superheros for the comic books.  


We want non-fiction from people who have been there done that, which teach accurate skills and techniques in a readable fashion.   We're not looking for the  latest hot item, or for spin-offs trying to become The Next Big Thing.  We just want a good read, and books that will endure. 

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