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Has a diverse and unique background – starting with arts and literature, then to alternative health care such as reflexology and herbal remedies, through commercial livestock raising sheep and goats, then organic homesteading, and now to a

cow-calf operation.


Along the way, her family lived without electricity for two years. She became a registered nurse, then a Master’s level nurse practitioner working in primary care and urgent care, and earned her Doctorate in the field. Between canning and preserving the various foods grown in a large garden and earning her SCUBA card, she trained and utilized dogs of different breeds for search and rescue operations, and completed a second Master’s degree in Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management. She’s the author of hundreds of articles on small farming, peer-reviewed scholarly works in Alzheimer’s and nursing research, and popular how-to books. She has now written fourteenth books.


She is married and living the dream in the rural Ozarks.


Born in Lansing, Michigan

in 1959. He graduated

from Michigan State University with an engineering degree in 1981.

Three decades of experience in the  automotive industry with areas of expertise in design, engineering, manufacturing. Special interest in improving quality and increasing throughput with minimal capital investment.

In his retirement Eaton Rapids Joe blogs, gardens, cares for aging parents and

offends people.


Mark A. Smith is a former firefighter, emergency medical technician and corrections officer who also served in the United States Marine Corps.


He has authored a variety of articles on a wide range of topics and is currently working on several

writing projects.


These include a non fiction preparedness guide and a fiction/fantasy series titled

Tales of Dohrya: The Southern War


He resides in western Oklahoma and enjoys hunting, cooking and taking part in IDPA pistol

matches as he can.


She lives in Missouri with

her family - and also a pug, a pug-mutt, and one

stray cat.


When she isn't writing comedy scripts for local television, she's generally

to be found reading or avoiding house chores. 

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