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   Eaton Rapids Joe called his book a "cozy zombie apocalypse soap opera"

and it's hard to find other tags that describe

it better....except, maybe, a superbly well-told tale of what happens in a small town after

pandemic tears the world apart.  This timely novel centers on the people  of "Kate's Store" community, both good and bad, and how they respond to  the outside troubles. 

   Quarantine, justified fears of outsiders, defensive actions, alternative energy sources, and the whole gamut of human responses to this thing that is completely outside of their control....or experience.  Will the community rise to meet these horrors?  Will they be able to keep out the hordes of starving people leaving the cities?  How will they manage as the  world-wide financial system collapses? 

  A colorful page-turner, with twists and sage advice for today's world.

Book 1 in the Seven Cows series

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