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A young man from Chicago, perplexed by his mother's final cryptic message, journeys to a quaint English village to search for his long-lost father. This charming and whimsical tale follows our youthful hero as he finds himself dragged into a live theater production by an eccentric actor...who just might be dear old Dad.

Author Jamie Alexandre Hall lives in Missouri with her husband, John - and also a pug, a pug-mutt, and one stray cat. When she isn't writing comedy scripts for local television, she's generally to be found reading or avoiding house chores. 

Reviewer on Amazon:  "This was a fun and comedic story that was very well written and always kept me interested! I would recommend it to anyone and everyone wanting a fun read!!"

This comprehensive and detailed book provides a concise guide to the skills and tools of preparedness -- all offered in an easy-to-read conversational style. Smith covers the basics -- food storage, water purification, health, and housing -- with tips that beginners and even seasoned preppers will find useful. He also addresses more advanced levels of preparedness, including a discussion of bug-out-vehicles and defensive firearms. In addition, he offers a detailed questionnaire to help readers intent on improving home security. The book includes pros and cons of various types of alternative power sources, lists of items to include in medical kits and bug-out-bags, a glossary of preparedness terms, 10-codes, and a set of online resources. From preparedness basics to advanced levels of knowledge, this book is ideal for the beginner, as well as the skilled prepper looking to improve his or her capabilities

Mark A. Smith has been active in preparedness since 2001. He has been a speaker at multiple expos and safety conferences, as well as being a consultant to businesses and individuals. The former firefighter, security specialist and Marine is the owner of Southern Plains Consulting in Oklahoma, a preparedness firm.

Five Star Review on Amazon

  Kindle Book Only

Attention meat eaters! Ever wanted to get away from the "stuff" that passes for meat in the supermarket, with its chemical additives, preservatives, and "pink slime"? Here's how to do it!

Author Anita Evangelista, who has lived in city and country raising livestock, here shows you how to raise meat, eggs, and milk in a suburban or rural setting -- including chickens, goats, pot bellied pigs, rabbits, ducks, and quail.

Amazon Review: "This is a very good starter book if you want to start raising your own food supply. It provides a good base knowledge to start raising rabbits, chickens and other small animals. It is what got me started raising my own rabbits and chickens over a year ago, and I will soon raise goats and pigs. I highly recommend it to get your feet wet in the homesteading prospects."

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